Fully Integrated Solutions to Meet Your Every Need

The group’s operations are equipped with an extensive range of production capabilities including Drum Drying, Spray Drying, Vacuum Band Drying as well as Oat Milling. Our facilities are also geared for processes such as Roller Drying, Evaporation, Filtration, Reaction, Agglomeration, Blending, Grinding and Packaging.

Backed by these capabilities and staff members with years of industry experience, we are able to adapt and customise our production to best suit our customers’ specifications efficiently and seamlessly.

With a complete spectrum of production capabilities available, we are always ready to support our customers with innovative solutions tailored to their needs. Whatever your requirements may be, it’s likely that they can integrate seamlessly into our versatile processes, saving you significant time and resources.

Exploring New Ways to Add Value for Our Customers

Our state-of-the-art R&D Laboratory, equipped with various advanced systems and research instruments such as particle technologies and rapid content analyser is a testament of our commitment to continuous innovation. We are even taking this commitment one step further with frequent collaboration with internal as well as external professional sensory evaluation panels to ensure consistently exceptional sensory results for every order .

To ensure long term progress and innovation, the group places a strong emphasis on Research & Development activities. We invest heavily in all aspects of research encompassing the development of new, innovative food ingredients as well as cutting edge quality assurance technologies.

Versatility to Ensure Your Profitability

Leverage on our capabilities to ensure optimal viability and efficiency before transitioning to large-scale mass production. Our Pilot Plant facilities provide an excellent avenue for our customers to develop and test new products, processes or incorporate new additions into an existing process.

Designed to facilitate our customers in conducting pilot runs in a controlled and cost-effective manner, our versatile Pilot Plant facilities are well-equipped to integrate seamlessly with a diverse range of processes and requirements.

Taking High-End Drying Technology Higher

In line with our mission to stay ahead of the innovation curve, we strive to incorporate new technologies into our operations in order to add greater value for our customers. Whether it is for better quality, more choices or simply faster delivery, Custom Food Group will be among the first to source for these new technologies.

Custom Food Group, for instance, is the first and only food ingredients manufacturing plant in Malaysia to acquire the state-of-the-art FILTERMAT™ spray drying technology. This unique technology allows the production of lipid powder with superior flowability and solubility properties, thus providing a host of advantages for our customers’ final products.

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