Vegetarian Non-Dairy Creamer

A dairy-free and allergen-free creamer, our Custom-Vecreem serves as an excellent creamer substitute for vegetarians. Despite being free of animal protein, our Custom-Vecreem is capable of maintaining a stable emulsion and consistent quality that is comparable with the conventional creamer. This product is also acid stable, which makes it suitable for an even wider array of applications.

Advantages: Suitable for vegetarians
  Acid stable
  Imparts milky taste & creamy mouthfeel
  Excellent free-flowing properties
Applications : Coffee, Latte, White Coffee, Instant Cereal Drinks, Chocolate Drinks, Milk Tea, Seasoning Premixes, Soups, Sauces, Ice Cream, Puddings, Milk Candies, Cereal Bar Snacks, Cakes, Biscuits.

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